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Lacrosse Lessons

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Specialized Personal Training Features

Film and Video Playback

Scout Lacrosse takes advantage of video software by filming our training sessions. With Scout Lacrosse, you can watch yourself on film during and after you train. We'll provide immediate feedback, and let you take the footage home with you. 

Smaller Groups allow for more personal footage. 1 on 1 lessons allow for the best Scout Lacrosse film experience, and the maximum amount of film.

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Connect to Scout Lacrosse from Home

Prepare for your lesson by touching base with your coach at Scout Lacrosse. Talk about expectations, preferences, and create a plan for success with your coach.

Training doesn't end when the session is over. We will give you drills to do at home, and a direct line to someone for questions. We want to keep in touch with you and see you grow as an athlete.

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Faceoff Training

Learn proper faceoff technique while filming every rep. Take advantage of Scout lacrosse's film capabilities, slow down the faceoff, and watch your form develop in real time.

Dance Class

On Time or Your Money Back

Learn proper goalie technique while receiving film to analyze your own performance. Take advantage of Scout lacrosse's film capabilities to watch your hands and feet move while playing goalie. 

Scout lacrosse wishes to continue with you on your athletic journey. You will receive drills to keep with you, so you can continue practice at home. We hope to maintain a line of communication as well, to answer any further questions you have, and follow your success on the lacrosse field!

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